This project began as many remodel projects do…an older pool and no contributing factors in the surrounding area, just a fence and a destination. The client wanted to open it up to feel more inviting and add some entertainment space but the tight setting was limiting. As well, the space adjacent to the pool area had some difficult slope and drainage issues that needed to be dealt with at the same time. Like many older projects, we recognized that some changes needed to be made to the existing decking to accommodate a transition to the new space.

We used a fieldstone retaining wall and fireplace to hold back the higher soil level adjacent to the pool and the grill itself to mitigate the height differentials in the pool area and new patio area. This allowed a considerable addition of space to enjoy the fireplace and create more living area as well as tie the pool area visually to the seating area. To cope with hiding demolition on some of the existing deck and to create a deck material more conducive to pool play as well as a deck more attractive than the old concrete decking, we covered everything with French Pattern Travertine. New custom travertine coping was added on top of the pool walls. A complete remodel of the pool would precede any decking work. Savi LED underwater lights were added, a small tanning shelf was added within the footprint of the original steps, glass waterline tile replaced old dated tile and new pebble tec plaster replaced old stained plaster. All equipment was replaced with modern Jandy pool equipment. The fence was completely reset and Bull Grill was built into a fieldstone housing with a stone countertop for grill space.

As with many older homes, a pool renovation can bring an old pool to life in ways that the clients often never imagine. Structural repairs, aesthetic modifications and equipment upgrades are not the only ways to improve an existing project. Surrounding patios, outdoor living spaces and other landscape features or home additions can become an integral part of a pool remodel.