This is a linear custom pool and spa in a coveted neighborhood in Chapel Hill, NC. This Gunite pool has many elements in a small space.

Space was considerably limited and the goal was to achieve an atmosphere for play, training and entertainment as well as a tranquil place to relax.

Construction access was severely limited, so using compact equipment to enter and exit the site along with utilizing as much of the soil from excavation on site was essential. This yard had over 10 feet of fall from side to side and over 5 feet in the pool area alone so we created a flat feeling space by raising the pool out of ground on the low end by over 3 feet and creating a low retaining wall adjacent to the deck. The overall usable space is now mostly at one level, though a lower seating area and master bedroom entrance were used to ease the transition. Landscape softens the raised portion of the pool.

The Perimeter overflow spa was designed to have a tight fit with the inside corner of the pool and is set level with the top of the travertine coping.

The glass tile on the spa is used to accent the spa as a focal point.

We used a mitered and laminated Silver Travertine to create the 4″ thick coping pieces that dip just below the water level so no waterline tile was used. The interior pool finish was Bermuda Luna Quartz by Wet Edge and installed by Pearl Plaster of Raleigh, NC.

Our client is a triathlete and wanted a way to swim train so we incorporated a built-in swim current system so that she could swim in place without needing a long lap pool. This is very similar to a Swim Spa, only we put the system underwater and in the pool itself.

Though it initially took some convincing, the clients absolutely love the shallow water lounging area (aka tanning shelf or sun ledge) and use it every day.

This 435 square foot swimming pool is fully automated for control of the lights, swim jets, spa and lighted bubblers on the shallow water lounging area.

Glass tile, Silver Travertine, Ipe Decking and Clean lines help bring this project together and complement the architecture of the home.

UV Light and automated water chemistry are both utilized on this project as well.