Kitchen Design & Remodeling

Do you have an outdated kitchen, or want to create an open kitchen to better suit your family needs? With Clearwater Construction Group, you can create a new kitchen space by reworking cabinets and counters, changing kitchen finishes and replacing appliances or fixtures. Our custom kitchen remodel service will create a new environment tailored to your dreams.

Kitchen remodeling and renovation often includes many trades such as framing, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and drywall. Professional coordination of these tradesmen to execute all the modifications and changes to your kitchen and living area can make home renovation a pleasure. As a licensed and insured general contractor in Burlington, North Carolina, we have the craftsmen to handle all aspects of home remodeling.

America’s passion for cooking has extended the possibilities for kitchen design and consequently the use of different interior finishes such as travertine, granite, marble, copper, stainless steel and classic woods in innovative ways combined with architectural effects. The results can be a beautiful kitchen design and renovation with a personal and inviting touch. A new kitchen renovation is sure to create a wonderful space for great company and food!

We invite you to speak with Clearwater Construction Group about kitchen remodeling. We can help you craft a kitchen design to create a new entertaining space. We specialize in adapting new construction material to older structures with an emphasis on detail, quality and craftsmanship. We have the staff, equipment and expertise to handle the most challenging tasks, including on site fabrication to complete your kitchen remodel.

There are many benefits that come with the Clearwater Construction Group proven systems. We handle the permit processing and our project managers see your kitchen renovation project through down to every last finish detail.

Call Clearwater Construction Group to learn more about our kitchen design and kitchen remodeling services in Burlington, North Carolina.